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Write What You Know That Others Don’t
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Write What You Know That Others Don’t

Dear Mommies, Menopausal Women, and other Blogger Beotches,

I truly believe in the old adage, “write what you know.” And I encourage anybody taking to their keyboards to do so. But here is a little secret I would like to share with you…it is also important to write what your reader doesn’t already know.

There are recurring themes to many women’s blogs:

  1.   Kids suck. They mess up your life. They say the darndest things.  
  2.   Women’s bodies change with age, pregnancy and general neglect. Wine, chocolate, and hiding are the best defense. 
  3.    We bleed, we battle hair growth from every possible epidural inch, we stop bleeding and we grow more hair. Oy. 
  4.    We need to love ourselves. But our talk is bigger than our actions.
  5.    Men can be the wind beneath our covers and we can match them fart for fart.

Which brings me to the phrase, “beating a dead horse.” Please stop pointing its decaying carcass out to me as if it is fresh and new. It’s been seen. It’s been hit. It’s become a bloody mess just like your worst period. Move the fuck on.


Women have so much to offer. We can be funny, insightful and downright brilliant. We are the best at cutting ourselves down and building ourselves up. We are our own worst enemy and our own best friend.

So, for the love of Madonna and all that is holy, dig deep and stretch. Look for unique and powerful angles that will enlighten, encourage, and entertain. Move us, not the damned dead horse. Look beyond our basic commonalities and speak to issues that endure longer than our menopausal hot flashes. Let’s get past our bodies and delve into topics beyond fluids, flatulence, and floppy boobs. We’ve come a long way, baby. Let’s keep going.

And remember, “A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body.” Author unknown

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Pitty Isn’t Pretty

Inspired by a Gina Barreca article…

Pity Isn't Pretty xx

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