You Are Enough

A little diddy about writing, for the following: You Are Enough, hosted by Positive Writer.

If you think you aren’t good enough, what’s the point? You write because you are driven to do so. You love words. You love choosing just the right combination of words. You want to connect with those words. Start with that being enough.

Comparing yourself to others is self-defeating. Only you can write your story, your perspective, your voice. Be true to yourself. That will be enough.

Your personal story is enough. Your voice is unique. Getting your story down is akin to baring your soul. Let it fly. It will find a home.

“You are enough” does not mean you can’t benefit from constructive criticism and good editing. Strive to be the best writer you can be. It is a craft that improves with age. Let go of defensive listening when you get useful input. Take time to assess if that input serves your writing well. Use every tool that benefits your skill set. You have all the power.

Never take rejection personally. Writing/art/humor etc. is totally subjective. Sometimes your writing simply isn’t the right fit. If you are fortunate enough to get feedback in a rejection, see it as a gift. It actually suggests you have talent worth tweaking.

Revel in completing any piece of work. That alone means you are enough. That means you are committed to writing and poised to be ready should an opportunity come knocking.

Let go of any preconceived, clichéd ideas about what a writer is. There are as many different writing styles and abilities as there are people on the planet.

Surround yourself with other writers. They are your tribe. They get you. All writers suffer from self-doubt. Other writers can be your support, and you can be theirs. Helping other writers can make you a stronger writer.

Writers recognize the power of words. “You are enough,” may be the most powerful in your arsenal. Make them a mantra. Writing takes discipline. Bolstering yourself is a neglected discipline that leads to better writing.

Say it out loud, “I write, therefore I am a writer.” And that is more than enough.

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Amy Sherman

Amy Hartl Sherman is a freelance writer, poet and humorist. A graduate from the University of Illlinois, a retired flight attendant, improv comedian, empty-nester and overall nobody, Amy writes erratically as opposed to erotically, and sometimes humorously, while living with her husband, one fat cat, and a co-dependent Dachshund. Her sons escaped unscathed.

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