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One of the people I have met through attending the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop thrilled me by asking me to submit a guest post to her site. Marcia Kester Doyle is someone I admire and love for all her energy, zest and writing talents. She has accomplished a great deal and you should definitely check her funny blog out.

Right AFTER you read my piece called “Quiz Whiz.”

Thank you Marcia for the pleasure of being a part of your site. I am always touched by the support and love the writing community has for each other and you are one of the most generous among them.


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Amy Sherman

Amy Hartl Sherman is a freelance writer, poet and humorist. A graduate from the University of Illlinois, a retired flight attendant, improv comedian, empty-nester and overall nobody, Amy writes erratically as opposed to erotically, and sometimes humorously, while living with her husband, one fat cat, and a co-dependent Dachshund. Her sons escaped unscathed.

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